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Artificial grass is made of high quality PE material, anti-aging agent, anti-uv agent, and advanced international technology. It has the appearance and performance similar to natural grass, with high grass softness, good elasticity, comfortable and light to tread, safe touch, the best choice for leisure and sports. It’s easy to clean and have long service life last 5-8 years.

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There are a lot of advantages compared with natural grass, for example:
1 Easy Maintainance
2 Easy Installation
3 Longer Life Time
4 No Limitation of Weather
5 Anti-Fire
6 Anti-UV Resistance


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Suitable for all weathers
The artificial grass is excellent in use efficiency because it is free from climate.
Green in all seasons
The artificial grass can still offer you a feeling of spring even though the natural grass has been being experienced the dormant period.
Environmental protection
All materials of artificial grass comply with the requirements of environmental protection. And it also can be recycled.
Simulation of genuine grass
The artificial grass is produced according to the principle of Bionics. It is good in elasticity and makes your feet feel comfortable when walking on.
The artificial grass is durable and not easy to fade, especially suitable for the site which suffers frequent utilization.
Economic efficiency
The artificial grass usually has a 8-year life service.
No need of maintenance
The artificial grass basically does not cost any fee for maintenance. But the only thing is to avoid any man-made damage.
Easy pavement
It is feasible to make the artificial grass on the sites paved by asphalt, cement, hard sand, etc.

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