Artificial grass for Futsal

The first impression to most people is football players running, jumping and chasing in an expansive green court. No matter natural grass or synthetic grass, this is the first place when we want to play football. But in many countries, young can only play and learn football skills on concerted, asphalt or dirt surface, like parking area or street. In that case, these are just informal games. However, in other places, these games are organized and systematic. The official name from FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) for these kinds of indoor or limited-space football games is called Futsal.

MEGALAND can supply your football club or sports organization with a professional futsal court to meet your special requirements for the playground surface which is developed to protect soccer players. The sport surface we supplied can provide excellent impact absorption and a high-performance surface with low abrasion and high playability


Post time: Nov-30-2021