How to install carpets well at home?

Now more and more people choose carpet when they decorate, but many people don’t know how to install the carpets. Please see the installation method as below:
1. Ground processing
Carpet is laid commonly on floor or cement ground. The subfloor must be level, sound, dry and free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Any loose floorboards must be nailed down and any protruding nails hammered down.

2. Laying method
Not fixed: Cut the carpet, and joint every pieces into a whole, then lay all carpets on the ground. Trim the edges of the carpet along the corner. This way is suitable for carpet often rolled up or heavy room floor.
Fixed: Cut the carpet, and joint every pieces into a whole, fix all edges with wall corners. We can use two kinds of methods to fix the carpet: one is to use heat bond or double-sided adhesive tape; Another one is to use the carpet grippers.

3. Two methods to joint the carpet seaming
(1) Join the bottom of two pieces with a needle and thread.
(2) Joint by glue
The glue on adhesive paper must be heated before it can be melted and pasted. We can melt the heat bond tape by iron firstly, then stick the carpets.

4. Operation sequence
(1). Calculate the size of carpet for the room. The length of every carpet will be longer 5CM than the length of the room, and width keep same as the edge. When we cut the carpets, we need to make sure that we always cut it from the same direction.
(2) Lay the carpets on the ground, fix one side firstly, and we need to pull the carpet by stretch, then we joint all pieces.
(3). After trimming the carpet with the wall edge knife, we can fix the carpets into the carpet gripper by stair tools, then the edge is sealed with batten. At last, clean up the carpets by vacuum cleaner.

5. Precautions
(1) The ground must be cleaned well, no stone, wood chips and other sundries.
(2) The carpet glue must be laid smoothly, and we should joint the seaming well. The double side seam tape will be much easier to joint the carpets, and it is also very cheap.
(3) Pay attention to the corner. All edges of carpet should be stick well to the wall, no gaps, and the carpets can’t tilt up.
(4) Joint the carpet patterns well. Joints should be concealed and not exposed.


Post time: Dec-01-2021