Why is SPC Plank becoming more and more popular?

A lot of people in the purchase of household flooring will consider which material is much better. Now there are a variety of different materials in the market, including solid wood flooring, composite solid wood floor, wood grain plastic floor, and so on. Many people prefer plastic material, but is SPC floor suitable for family decoration?

SPC Plank -- full of elasticity
SPC floor can become popular in the market, of course, it has its own advantages. Compared with other materials of floor, plastic floor is more elastic and comfortable. More and more people choose the plastic material, because they feel more comfortable on the floor, which can give a person a kind of sweet and joyful feeling.

SPC Plank - easy to clean
SPC floor is not a general plastic material. After a certain processing, the plastic floor is not easy to be dirty, and daily cleaning is relatively simple, so it can bring more convenience to life. Also, plastic floor does not contain formaldehyde, and it will be more safe.

SPC Plank - good skid resistance
One of the biggest characteristics of SPC floor is that its skid resistance is very good. Therefore, it is much safer, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents, ensure the health of the family. That’s why more and more consumers to choose plastic floor.

SPC Plank - colorful
Market demand leads to the birth of more products, that’s why SPC floor come to the market. Now there are more and more choices for customers. The color of plastic floor is rich, and its style is also diversified, which can fit different family decorations, meet the demand of individual characters.

SPC Plank -- safer
SPC floor can be fire retardant, its safety factor reaches the B1 level. In the meantime, it also can reduce noise, provide consumers a more quiet and happy living environment. The development of SPC floor conform to the trend of our floor design, not only more interesting, but also personality, unique, environmental protection.


Post time: Nov-30-2021