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Product name: Artificial Turf

Material: polypropylene

Pile weight: 440 g / m²

Pile height: 6 mm

Total height: 7 mm

Weight: 1190g/m²

TPI (turns per inch): 3

Width: 2m

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Product name Artificial Turf
Material polypropylene
Pile weight 440 g / m²
Pile height 6 mm
Total height 7 mm
Weight 1190g/m²
TPI (turns per inch) 3
Width 2m

Product advantages

As a new type of sports turf, "non-sand filled soccer turf" is different from traditional sports turf in that it does not need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber granules, eliminating the tedious construction process. The grass filaments have a large number of points, reinforced straight filaments, thickened and encrypted curved filaments, replacing the original quartz sand and rubber particles that need to be filled.

After summer exposure, you no longer need to worry about the unpleasant smell due to auxiliary material volatilization, and there will be no laying material into clothes and shoes and socks during sports, giving athletes a good experience, and its functionality can fully meet the sports needs of small and medium sized soccer fields.

"Non-sand-filled soccer turf is safer, environmentally friendly, resistant to stepping, resistant to wire pulling, flame retardant, anti-slip, anti-static, not affected by climate, long service life and many other advantages. After paving, the artificial turf only needs normal management and maintenance before and after the game, the service life is 6-10 years, and the performance of the field is still good.


1.Q:Could you offer samples for quality test?
A:We are willing to offer samples for quality checking. The sample charge and shipping cost will be paid by buyer. We can refund the money when you place the order.

2.Q:What is the best price for this product?
A: The price is negotiable. We try our best to provide best price to you. When you inquiry, please let us know your quality requirement and quantity.

3.Q:What’s your lead time?
A:Usually 30-45 days. If order in purchasing peak season, it is about 60 days. We'd better confirm based on order quantities.

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