Outdoor Astro China Factory Quality Landscape Fake Grass Synthetic Football Green Artificial Gym Turf Carpet Grass for Sale

Short Description:

Brand: Megaland

Application: Landscaping, garden,school,yard, leisure area etc.

Guarantee: 8-10 years

Loading advice(sqm/40′HC): 9000m²

Lead time: 7-10 working days

MOQ(sqm): 200

Yarn Type: Diamond monofil U.V. Resistance PE & curly PP

Density: 13650/16800/27300

Colors: field green, apple green, beige and light green

Height(mm): 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm

Gauge(inch): 3/8 inch

Stitches/m: 130/140/160/180/260

Pile Content: U.V. Resistance PE

Fire Resistance: Approved by SGS/CE

Backing: PP plus reinforced net with SBR latex coating

Roll Size(m): 4mx25m/ roll 2mx25m/roll or according to your requiremen

Product Detail

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Product features

Landscape lawn is now more and more widely used, because its lawn color is natural, the grass filaments are fine, evergreen, no need to remove insects, grass cutting, low maintenance costs, but also to save water, is a natural lawn alternatives, is more and more widely used...
Product features

1. simulate the characteristics of real grass, high color fastness, bright color
2. good drainage performance, low slip resistance, anti-UV performance, etc.
3. high wear resistance, can effectively improve the use rate of the site
4. easy to install, cheap maintenance
5. applicable to a variety of climates, can be used all-weather


Product Advantages

Easy to clean up
The grass is tightly curled, so it is not easy for the garbage to fall into it, so it is easier to clean up.

Wide application

A variety of activity places can be used, to achieve the effect of a hundred, wear resistance, good water permeability

Quick drainage, not easy to accumulate water
Solid workmanship, not easy to drop grass
Sturdy and stable, double bottom, not easy to break
Natural and real, the workmanship is real and the grass is natural

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